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We have a few options available for our ​volunteers and would like to get a little more details to work out what would be the best fit.

Are you interested in supporting our children as they grow?

Please fill out the ​questionnaire below and we will be in touch.

Volunteer ​Questionnaire 

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Accommodation Options

Boa Gente

While you are staying with us we can set you up at the Boa Gente B&B & hotel located near the beach and in a central area will transport closely available located in the ​Vilankulos South Beach.

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Casa Babi B&B

Located just off the beach with an amazing view and ​French restaurant as well as many in house activities, this is a wonderful and central place to stay in the ​Vilankulos South Beach.

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Vilanculos Beach Lodge

Enjoy lush luxury by the beach in this gorgeous 3 star lodge in the ​Vilankulos North Beach.

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