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Meet the team

Meet Denise 🤩

Denise, a native of Maputo City, Mozambique, has been an integral part of the GoodWill team since 2022. Having pursued her education at Eduardo Mondlane University, Denise excelled in her studies and brought her academic achievements to the service of the organization.

In her current role as the head of reception and the overseer of the vulnerable children's home, Denise's unwavering passion, dedication, and hard work stand as pillars driving the success of this crucial project. Her managerial skills and commitment to the cause make her an invaluable asset to the team, reflecting the ethos and mission of GoodWill Mozambique.

Meet Agostinho 😁

Meet Agostinho, a Vilankulo native. Joining our team in 2020, Agostinho takes on the crucial role of a security guard. At GoodWill, his warmth and friendly demeanour, coupled with an infectious smile, create a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors.

Meet Odete 😊

Introducing Odete, a native of Vilankulo. With a long-standing commitment to community service, Odete's involvement dates back to 2008 when she collaborated with various companies to secure school materials for children. Her engagement extends to projects dedicated to fostering a healthy environment for children to thrive in. As our devoted child assistant, Odete embodies a steadfast belief in making a positive and lasting difference.

Meet the cheerful Eladine 😊

Introducing Eladine, a cheerful member of our team. Born in the City of Maxixe and raised in Maputo, Mozambique, Eladine serves as our talented chef, crafting delicious, wholesome, and nutritious meals daily. Her aspirations extend beyond the kitchen, as she dreams of bringing a million bright smiles to the children of Mozambique. Eladine's heartfelt wish is to instigate positive change in every child's life.

Meet Ercilio ✨

Meet Ercilio, a native of Vilankulo. Joining the GoodWill team in 2020, Ercilio stands out as our star supervisor. His inherent kindness and unwavering encouragement define his role, making him an instrumental force within our organization.

Meet our wonderful Mama Graça ✨

Introducing Mama Graça, a wonderful member of our team. Born and raised in Vilankulo, Mavanza, Mama Graça joined GoodWill in 2022, taking on the responsibility of ensuring the cleanliness of the children's home. Her heartfelt wishes for all the children joining GoodWill include love, safety, and happiness. Mama Graça's dedication reflects our commitment to creating a nurturing environment for the children we serve.

Meet our amazing chef Fatima 🤩

Introducing our amazing chef, Fatima. Born in Gaza-Chibuto, Fatima's culinary journey took her to the Maimelane Youth Centre. In 2022, she became an integral part of the GoodWill team, bringing her expertise to the kitchen and delighting all with her preparation of delicious traditional Mozambican dishes. Fatima's dedication to crafting flavourful meals adds a special touch to our mission of providing wholesome care to those we serve.

Meet Mr Muchaque, our security guard at GoodWill ! 🤩

Meet Mr. Muchaque, our dedicated security guard at GoodWill. Born and raised in the Inhambane province, Mr. Muchaque initiated his training to become a security guard in 2009. In 2022, he officially became a part of the GoodWill team, contributing to the safety and security of our environment. The presence of Mr. Muchaque brings a sense of safety and reassurance to all of us at GoodWill.

Meet Mia✨

Meet Mia, the youngest and a vibrant member of our team at GoodWill. Balancing the challenges of high school, Mia joined our community in 2021, bringing an invigorating energy to the organization. Despite her youth, Mia swiftly became an invaluable member, serving as an all-around go-to person for volunteering, social media management, and various other roles. Her enthusiasm and dedication have made a significant impact.

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